This online platform that allows financial institutions to connect with Happy Loan Corp. to securely send your financial information electronically. It is accurate, reliable and secure, and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete. No more savings bank statements as PDFs and emailing them to us. An easy way to explain is if you have ever sent an e-transfer, it uses the same principal.
It will increase the speed in which we are able to review your application and fund your loan. This convenient matter does not change how we underwrite your loan. This process is more efficient, secure and there is no room for errors. There is also no cost for you!

At Happy Loan Corp, we take great care to provide our clients with a secure online environment and to safeguard all personal, business and financial information.
By using this service, you are ensuring we can verify your financial information in order to process your loan application. This information is not shared in any way. If you’ve applied for a loan before, you would likely have sent in your bank statements for review by saving them to your computer and emailing/faxing or bringing them in person. Using this service is more secure and more accurate. If you would like to review our privacy policy, please visit https://happyloan.ca/privacy
Your information is not shared in any way outside of Happy Loan Corp. We only use the information to verify your financial information as part of the loan application process.
Your personal financial information will NOT be shared with any individual or organization outside of Happy Loan Corp. If you would like to review our privacy policy, please visit https://happyloan.ca/privacy
Happy Loan Corp. is required to review your income documentation as part of our loan application process to make sure you can afford your payments.
This should take you less than 2 minutes to complete.
No, there is no cost to you as a client to use this service.
The list is changing daily, as of today there are 16 Canadian financial institutions that you are able to access via this service.

If you do not see your bank listed, please contact our team at 1-800-674-9585 or yes@happyloan.ca know and they can advise you of the next steps.

It allows us to access your online banking profile, along with your personal information associated with that account (your full name, address etc.). Happy Loan Corp. will use that information to verify income and account details for pre-authorized monthly loan payments (i.e. no need for void cheque).
If we require a co-signer, in order to get a full view of the financial situation of all applicants, we would require both applicants to sign in.
When you finish signing in, you will be re-directed to our thank you page. This means you completed the process correctly and we have the information we need. You can send courtesy email or just give us a call.