Beware! Even your identity can be stolen

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Beware! Even your identity can be stolen

You might wonder what exactly does the title of the topic means? However, the fact is that though the digital world gives you the benefits of comfort and leisure, still, the biggest fraud and theft happening nowadays are done via online. One of the types of such a theft is ‘Identity Theft’.
This is one of the most growing and serious crime. Identity theft happens when someone uses your identity, name, and details in order to commit a crime like theft or fraud. If you are using online shopping services, transport services, etc, then probably you are exposing yourself more towards identity theft and identity fraud.
Few best practices to follow in order to avoid a situation of ‘Identity Fraud’:
Preserve your personal information: How many times have you received calls from so-called bank departments asking for your personal information? Well, maybe at least once? Just keep in mind that you need not disclose any of your personal information over a phone call or any other medium. If the other person is calling from a genuine source, it’s very natural that they would have all your details in the record. So you just need to confirm the details but do not disclose any of the information on your own.
Preserve your PIN: You might have already come across statements like – never share your PIN (Personal Identification Number), your passwords etc with anyone including your family and friends. This is the best practice to avoid any fraudulent practices in future. Try not to carry your identity cards like Social Insurance Number etc and keep them safe at home. Even a small mistake can cause you a very big loss.
Keep it complicated for the frauds: You need to understand that passwords of your important id’s are very critical. Hence, try to keep it complicated which cannot be cracked easily. Avoid using your or loved one’s name, birthdates, telephone numbers, address, etc.

The only way to stay away from the Identity theft is to be vigilant whenever you deal with sharing your personal information online. Follow the above steps and you are all set to enjoy all the benefits of the digital world.

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