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More often than not, outside and external factors can also affect your credit score. No matter how much you try to increase your score, there will always be some element that will either improve your credit score, or will decrease it. These changes are totally normal, and happen to everyone.
New Information
New information is added to your credit file every day. This information may not drastically change your credit score, but over a period of time, these changes will drastically affect your credit score. Acts like making a purchase over what you can afford, defaulting on the payment of a bill, and mortgaging your house have a drastic and overnight effect on your credit score.
Old Information Being Erased
In a similar fashion, the removal of old information also works towards changing your credit score. Most of your credit is only filed for a period of seven years or so. Once that period is over, then the information is not relevant anymore. So if you had a bad credit score some years ago but have improved it, your score will further increase once the time period gets over.
Recalibration of Credit Scores
Credit score models are constantly being tweaked and revamped by credit bodies. Changes in these models, however, do not change your credit score drastically. With such tweaks, it is natural to see your score having minor changes from time to time. Furthermore, as your information changes, it is not usually calculated according to the recent model. This too, might increase or decrease your credit score.