“I use my truck for work and it needed repairs after the transmission and transfer case failed it’s a very costly fix once the warranty is finished of all the places I applied to for help happy loans understood and worked with me to get the money I needed to fix my truck I cannot thank them enough for treating me with respect and understanding I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Davis Shayne

“Mr. Kuligin and his staff provide a much needed financial service to home owners in Western Canada. In my judgement, they are pioneers in their field. In hockey terms they should be considered as Top Shelf.”
– Don (repeated client)

“This is a legitimate FANTASTIC loan company. Yes their rates are a little high but you pay for what you get. Konstantin was with me every step of the way helping me in every which way he could. I used this service twice now and Happy Loan has come through each time. I hope they know they save peoples lives. So easy, simple and FAST!”

– Dagan Loy

“I would like to thank everyone at Happy Loan as they were able to help me and my family. I am impressed with how fast and helpful they were.  Within a few hours I was able to get a huge loan out to help pay for some bills as my girlfriend was laid off her job and we had a few emergency within the year.  I highly recommend  them for anyone that has an emergency and need cash quick at a good rate. They offer many types of payment plans that can help you in every situation.”

– Kwasi Effah

“I was in desperate need of help, due to unforeseen financial circumstances. These guys were efficient, quick to help and very friendly! The application process was easy and fast and they are so helpful! I’m really impressed with how helpful they are. I’d recommend this company to anyone! Thanks so much for your help!”
– Dee Dudley

“We were in trouble, I mean the call from the bank we’re gonna foreclose in 48 hrs kinda trouble. Living in Alberta and looking for work for over a year our situation wasn’t the greatest. We thought it would be best to call a professional to look into financing and realty guidance so we could clear the outstanding and list the house for sale. BIG MISTAKE! That other lender held this deal up for 4 days, dangled an offer in an email that even the bank thought was a done deal (complete with a signing date at a lawyers office), then declined the day AFTER the deadline! Fortunately for us we suspected the deal wasn’t going to happen and we decided to finally wake up and take ownership of our situation.  We researched private lenders until 3 am deadline day and finally decided to call Happy Loan Corp. BEST decision yet! The application process was smooth AND online, submitting the required documentation was easy AND they provided a realtor to list our house. Signing the documents was done completely online and if we wouldn’t have delayed getting some stuff to them we would have had our money in hours not days like some of the other lenders out there! Plus they saved us $6,500.00 in fees and gave us a 36 month repayment plan! No that is not a typo, the previous offer came with outrageous lending and legal fees. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, enter the Interac crash of 2017! After not receiving notification of funds I started to panic we had forgotten something and sent a message to them at 9 pm June 30, not really expecting a response until at least July 4. Within hours he had replied, reassured me it wasn’t anything forgotten and that the delay was due to Interac being down. Despite all of the roadblocks Happy Loan Corp. and their employees worked tirelessly awaiting the activation of Interac and at 2:19 am July 2 I received funds notification. Every situation is different but if they helped us they can probably help you too, call them. CALL THEM NOW! (403) 253-2022 At a time when we felt like everyone just wanted to take from us, you guys showed compassion and professionalism and gave us a chance. THANK YOU EVERYONE AT HAPPY LOAN CORP.”
– Wendy

“We live in rural Saskatchewan where everything is flat,  including timely responses from local banks and credit unions. We are in the real estate development business and needed a bridge loan to facilitate a new acquisition and development financing. We found Happy Loans through an internet search on Tuesday and following a series of e mails, received our funding on Thursday.

Aaaaamazing!  And incredible! Happy Loan guys,  you have restored my confidence  that there are serious lenders in the prairies who can really act fast and deliver the funds as promised.   If you are in a bind and need some quick response to your particular real estate financing needs,  call the guys at Happy Loan.”
– Another Happy Customer Adam  Stelmaszynski

“Just want to thank and commend Konstantin (happy loan and mortgage pro gang) for their service and concern when I needed some money to invest on something and pay off some commitments. They were fast, friendly and most of all they will work with you on the best possible solution to achieve your financial goal. They always provide options and inform you of pros and cons.

This is the least I can do to say thank you again and I would definitely recommend you to a friend if they needed someone to help them when the banks can’t.”
– Edmund San Pedro

“Konstantin, Thanks a bunch for hosting a great Cashflow event again yesterday evening. Some great connections were made and I wanted to send my appreciation to you for facilitating these events. You set a great example as a leader in the real estate community and I commend you for the efforts you put forward. Thanks again Konstantin.”
– Dale Monette

“I turned to mortgage pro after my experience with several other brokers went no where and were a waste of time given a sensitive deadline. Konstantin found me a lender that would finance my purchase and helped me to secure the property I was interested in. As a small business man lenders like this are indispensable.”
– Stan LaBerge

“As president of mortgage pro, please let your team member, Konstantin, know how appreciative we were of his dedicated work over the last two days. Unfortunately we were unable to go further with our application because of current market etc. We just didnt have the equity…..It is with our upmost gratitude however, that in the future, without any doubt we will use your company again and will also refer people. Over the last 6 months, my husband and I have attempted to apply for several 2nd mortgages/loans and have often been met with judgement or shame from both brokers and lenders. Some never even let us know we were declined. I want to say from all honesty, this is the best mortgage broker I’ve ever dealt with and while, it did not work out this time, I hope to contact you and Konstantin again in the future.”
– Stacey Ferland

“Konstantin, I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me on my Loan you were friendly and very helpful with all my financial needs. ”
– Loretta Larsen

“Just want to thank Happy Loan so much for helping me out in such a emergency. The staff was courteous, friendly and got the job done efficiently, received my loan the very same day. Thank you.”
– Toni

“Thank you Konstantin for your help at a very stressful time for us. You and everyone associated with this file were wonderful to us. We were made to feel like family and not just another number.”
– Wayne & Shirley Desjardins

“Thank you Happy Loan Corp. Your extraordinary customer service in getting my loan in less than 12 hours was totally Unbelievable. You welcomed me into your office as though you knew me all your life.
I needed an emergency loan to go visit my mother dying of cancer and you made it all possible. I RESPECT YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMPASSION. GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT PROTECT YOU ALWAYS. You did everything possible for me but tuck me into bed.
I am so happy that God brought us together.
God bless you always.”
– Landon and Shane Stuart

“I would like to say thanks to Happy Loan / Mortgage Pro for the emergency loan. They were able to overlook my bad credit score and loan me $2000.00. The team was friendly and easy to deal with. The process was very quick and easy.”
– Nancy Sloat

“Just want to a big thank you to Happy Loan Corp for helping me you of a difficult situation in such a fast speedy manor. Thank you.”
– Toni