Useful tips on accessing lost and old T4s

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Useful tips on accessing lost and old T4s

Though it’s a mandate to get the taxes done on yearly basis, still, there might have been instances where you would have delayed on getting the taxes done.
If in case you have missed taxes, then tracing your old T4s from old employers and getting things sorted out can be a difficult task. What if the old employer has shut down the business? Where would you find the records? Sounds scary?
Well, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. The Canada Revenue Agency has come up with some great solutions for such difficult questions. Canadians can easily access old tax returns, assessments and all other related documents which include the T4s as well. The best part is all this can be done online at the comfort of your fingertips.
How can you find your old T4 online?
• Register with the Canada Revenue Agency:
Register yourself with the website of the Canada Revenue Agency. You would need some basic details like – date of birth, social insurance number, postal code, tax return details of last two years and so on. Once you get your security code after few days, you can proceed with the further steps.
• Login to the CRA account:
Once you log in and reach the ‘My Account’ page, you will find a sidebar with numerous options available. From the tabs available you may search for the ‘tax returns’ tab and click on it to proceed further.
• Select tax information slips:
You would see ‘Tax information slips’ tab and you may select the one that you are looking for. You may use the drop-down menu to choose the year for which you are searching the T4. Once you have chosen the year you may update the ‘information slip’ and find the T4 you are searching for.
Just a few clicks and there you are with all the information and details that were looking for. Hence, no matter if your old company is still active or not, you don’t need to be concerned about your T4s anymore.

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